29 octubre 2006

rose parade

A review of his December 20, 2001 show at Portland's Crystal Ballroom stated concern over his appearance and performance: his hair was uncharacteristically greasy and long; his face was bearded and gaunt; and during his songs he exhibited alarming signs of "memory-loss and butterfingers". Fans were shocked at his inability to remember songs he had been playing for close to a decade straight, and the crowd would often have to shout out the lyrics (and in some cases, guitar chords) when Smith couldn't think of them. At many shows he played from 2001 and on, he would often stumble through a few unclear sentences about how he had just gone through a rough period, but had now cleaned up.

In the first of only three concerts he performed in 2002, Smith co-headlined Northwestern University's "A&O Ball" with Wilco on May 2 in Chicago. Due to lackluster on-campus ticket sales, the promoters opened ticket sales to the public on the day of the show. Smith's performance was described as "undoubtedly one of the worst performances ever by a musician" and an "excruciating...nightmare". A reporter for the online magazine Glorious Noise made the ominous statement "I seriously hope he's okay and that he gets his shit together. But it would not surprise me at all if Elliott Smith ends up dead within a year."

parece que algunas bandas hicieron el tributo a los últimos años de elliott. igual, estuvo bueno.

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